The Thwarting Of Baron Bolligrew

Programme for a school production of 'The Thwarting Of Baron Bolligrew' in 1978

"A long time ago - in the days when dragons were still common - there lived a Duke. Whenever news was brought in of a dragon ravaging some part of the country, the Duke sent one of his knights in shining armour to deal with it.

Meanwhile, on the Bolligrew Islands, the wicked Baron Bolligrew received an unexpected visitor."


Storyteller Vicki Owens
The Duke Martin Watson
Sir Digby Vayne-Trumpington Carl Squire
Sir Graceless Strongbody / Squire Blackheart Alan Howells
Sir Percival Smoothely-Smoothe Nigel Stapley
Sir Oblong Fitz-Oblong Ann Roberts
Juniper / First Man-At-Arms Susan Verity
First Knight / Second Man-At-Arms Beverley Jones
A Captain / Dragon Martin Lloyd
Baron Bolligrew Colin Epthorp
Lord Mayor Martin Davies
Obidiah Anne Davies
Magpie Christopher Owens
Secretary Elinor Evans
Dr Moloch Emyr Davies
Mazeppa / A Corporal Delyth Kelly

Band Arthur Davies
Sharon Perry
Janet Wynn
Nigel Hartley
Martin Shone
Richard Williams
Fanfare Martin Shone
Richard Williams

Peasants Marie Adamczyk
Tracy Bennell
Yvonne Davies
Sandhya Desai
Elinor Evans
Anthea Gargan
Amanda Holmes
Jeanette Jenkins
Maxine Jones
Melanie Jones
Tracey Land
Dawn Lewis
Lorna Perkins
Stephen Bennet
Ian Caine
Stephen Edwards
Philip Huckridge
Graham Fisher
Mark Roberts
Alex Wynne

Here's how the Wrexham Leader reported the production.

Newspaper cutting about a school play

I could name names (those I can still remember), but I daren't. All I will say is that I'm the one half-hidden on the far right of the back row.