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Date: 10/01/06

An Ouncement...

Apologies to viewers who were trying to access this site between about 1535 and 1700 UTC on Wednesday.

I took advantage of a week off work (I worked the three days the office was open over Christmas and New Year so as to have the happy experience of being on leave while my colleagues were back with various bits of themselves pressed to the grindstone and realising that it's a long way to Easter); as I say, I took advantage of the break to reconfigure the site altogether.

What with one thing and another, it took about two days to do, and about an hour to upload the rejigged site to my webspace.

The changes consisted mainly of removing one whole level of folders from the URLs, and of putting image and sound files in their own folders. Tidy, innit?

For this reason, if you've bookmarked a particular page, the bookmark may no longer work. If you have difficulty in finding something you had bookmarked or linked here, please let me know and I'll try and give you the new URL. Similarly, if you find any broken links, I'd like to know because I'm sure I've cocked something up somewhere: this has gone altogether too smoothly for my liking.

The Judge