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Date: 02/03/06

In Like A Lion...

This morning, I opened my front door to this merry sight:

Snow in my front garden

"Aha!", I thought. "Pete Doherty must have sneezed again!" But no, 'tis but our usual March surprise. Second day of Spring, my arse!

Well, it stopped the buses getting here (or anywhere very much), so in the absence of work, I tooled up with my trusty BenQ C51 and walked abroad. Or rather, I trudged, a word which might have been invented specifically for snowy conditions.

I'd no sooner got to the end of the road, than it really started coming down again:

Snow falling, top of Penygraig Hill

Visibility dropped:

Snow cutting visibility, top of Penygraig Hill

Not surprisingly, the village school was closed:

Sign on school gate saying 'No School To-day'

(Those sparkly effects aren't a pathetic attempt on my part to appear artistic, by the way. The light level was so poor by this time that the automatic flash kicked in. Still, it looks good, doesn't it?).

(PS. Hey, teach! 'Today' is one word, not two!)

There was no possibility of taking any photographs on the way back home; the damn snow was in my face all the way, it was getting into my coat pockets, and I'd accumulated an inch or so on my hood by the time I got in the house.

It was about 8.45 by this time, and I whiled away the morning watching a group of about twenty Nathans and Kellys (*) standing around on the corner waiting for vehicles to throw snowballs at.

After lunch, with the weather having brightened up considerably, I thought I'd take another walk. Besides, I needed stamps from the Post Office.

I ended up taking some quite good pictures, some of which may well end up in the Gallery at some stage.

(* my shorthand for the types of teenagers usually found hanging around on street corners in places like this. It stems from the stereotypical conversations you overhear from teenage girls at bus stops. It usually goes like this:

"Keeley, 'ave yer seen Kayleigh?"

"Saw Kayleigh over by the shop. She were talkin' to Kylie."

"What were Kylie doin' by the shop?"

"She were waitin' for Kelly."

"Oh......Is Kelly still goin' out wiv Nayfun?"

"Nah, she dumped Nayfun las' week. Now she's goin' out with Ky-y-y-yle."

"What did she dump Nayfun for?"

"Oh, she said 'e wasn't normal."

"In what way?"

"'Is name didn't start with a K....")