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Date: 12/05/06

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The trouble with being a pedant, I suppose, is that it gets in the way of one's being able to cruise through life blissfully unaware of anything very much.

Coming home on the bus the other day, my eye was drawn by the glass panel which held the fire-fighting equipment. Stencilled on the glass, in red letters, was the word:


I didn't want to know that it had, apparently, once been a 'stinguisher'. I wanted to know what the hell it had become.

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I was reading the sports pages of our local weekly rag this afternoon, in my usual mood of semi-attention, when I came upon this somewhat surreal headline:

Miners on course for tripe trophy triumph

I thought it was a bit odd that a football competition was obviously being sponsored by a local butcher (although oldsters will remember cricket's Giblet Cup). Or was the reporter merely implying that the contest was not going to be much cop?

It was only on reading the story beneath the headline that I realised that there was an 'l' missing from the fifth word...