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Date: 06/06/06

"Life.exe has caused an invalid page fault at 016f:0515nafud..."

Eric Jarvis on alt.fan.pratchett has, I think, found the reason:

"Though I'm not sure who programmed it, it [life] has all the hallmarks of a Microsoft product. It takes nine months to boot up properly. It crashes for around 8 hours every day. The warranty is worthless, and there's nowhere to get decent technical support other than discussing the issues with other users. Most of the time is spent waiting around for something to happen, and when it does happen it generally does so in a completely unpredictable manner. Most people appear to use it for sex, drugs, politics, and advertising crap to each other."

(Well, I just had to post something today with a date like that...This web page will now spontaneously combust and cause a flow of lava and sewage over the whole of the civilised world - and parts of Liverpool)