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Date: 04/12/06

Goodbye, Our 4-Track Hero

Photo of Logan Whitehurst

Logan Whitehurst
Musician, songwriter and artist
b. 15/11/77, d. 3/12/06

Logan Whitehurst was a drummer and keyboard player for a number of Californian groups in the late 1990s and beyond, but his outstanding contribution was his solo material, which combined gloriously quirky ideas with a shrewd ear for a good sound and, above all else, a child-like delight in creating. Be it the inspired rap of Robot Cat, the slightly dark undertones of Ice Cream Man, or the wonderful oddness of the Very Tiny Songs project (his final work), they made the world a bit more fun for a while.

Having twice fought off cancer of the brain and spine, the wretched disease returned for a third time, and took him and his joyfulness from the world yesterday at the age of just 29.

It may seem in poor taste in the light of that fact, but my favourite Logan Whitehurst track really is called Your Brain Fell Out (from his 2003 album Goodbye My 4-Track. Click here to hear a clip from it). It combines modern ideas of how to put a recording together (and Logan's own off-beat soundscapes) with a respect for melody and harmony which reminds me of the best of the late 1960s.

Goodbye, Logan, and thanks for all the fun.