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Date: 18/03/07


Do you know what a 'Mondegreen' is?

If not, read this first.

Back yet? Oh good.

I was sitting here yesterday, continuing the re-coding of this site for its revamp (due in June, I hope), and in the background I had Steve Tilston & Maggie Boyle's fine 1992 album Of Moor And Mesa playing.

The penultimate track is an interpretation of the traditional Irish song The Banks Of Claudy. I've listened to the track a few times, but this time was different.

Where Maggie sings:

"I slowly steppèd up to her,
And gave her a surprise"

I now heard:

"I slowly steppèd up to her,
And gave her arse a prize"

I can't get to the bottom of it.

Judge's Log: Additional

Here's the line in question. See what you think...