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Date: 10/08/07

"Don't Walk Away In Silence..."

Photo of Tony Wilson

(Photograph: Don McPhee)

Anthony Howard Wilson
Record-label boss, broadcaster, journalist, 'professional Mancunian'.
b. 20/02/50, d. 10/08/07.


A Plaque On Their House

Reading this on Joe Gordon's blog reminded me of when I was idly strolling around in the vicinity of Chester Cathedral some years ago (trying mainly to avoid having to look at that hideous monstrosity of a bell-tower they put up thirty or so years ago).

The very good-looking old houses in Abbey Street had recently been done up and I just happened to see a plaque on the wall of one of them which commemorated the event. It was funny, particularly for those familiar with the seemingly endless TV series Last Of The Summer Wine. It looks like this:

Plaque saying that the renovations had been helped by a legacy from Norah Batty