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Date: 01/05/08

On Top

To Telford for an emergency team meeting today (a big "Hi!" to all at the JVW Fan Club), and after stopping off for lunch (another "Hi!" to all at The Buck's Head at Long Lane - nice jacket potato with double cheese and spring onion topping), we (that is, Derek my colleague and chauffeur and me) headed back north.

We had the radio on. It was Radio Two as usual, but with Matthew Bannister standing in for the ever more unbearable Jeremy Vine.

Interviewing the writer Kia Abdullah about her claim in today's Guardian that couples who start living together should sleep in separate bedrooms, Bannister asked her how things were arranged in her home. She replied:

"Me and my partner have not long been living together and we're already getting on top of one another."

Nice to hear things are going so well.