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Date: 23/06/08

George Did It

Photo of George Carlin

George Denis Patrick Carlin
b. 12 May 1937, d. 22 June 2008

Hell, there's too much fun going out of the world again.

George Carlin was a disciple of the legendary Lenny Bruce, but whereas Bruce's take on the world and its mysteries was as laid-back and nuanced as the jazz milieu from which he sprung, Carlin was more a rock'n'roll comedian. The humour was much more hard-edged and far angrier. Whether it was the way in which the powerful abuse language in order to deceive, or the hypocrisy of the self-righteous of all sorts, or the perverting effects of religion, Carlin went for the target. He often hit the bullseye.

Update: At this point, there were four embedded video clips of George in action. Unfortunately, the first three have now been removed from their source, no doubt under pressure from the corporate police, the so-called 'rights holders' to whom, I would like to think, George Carlin would have screamed a loud, "Fuck you!"

This fourth clip, however, remains (at least for the time being), and I think it's more than germane to the occasion:

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Goodnight, George, and thank you.