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Date: 10/11/08

A Joke

President-elect Obama sends one of his team to southern Africa to spread the message of hope to the inhabitants.

He stands before a crowd gathered in a small, dust-blown town, and says:

"President-elect Barack Obama wants you to know that your concerns are close to his heart!"

The crowd shouts, "Ubangwele!"

The American goes on, "Barack Obama wants you to know that, as an African-American, he feels your need for prosperity and democracy!"

Louder, the crowd shouts, "Ubangwele!!!"

Finally, the aide cries, "Barack Obama promises that, when he takes office, he will make the ending of poverty and disease in Africa his top priority!"

Louder still the crowd screams, "UBANGWELE!!!!"

The American gets down from the stage and says to his host, "Well, I think that went really well! Oh, I need to go to the bathroom - where is it?"

His host points over to the left of them and says, "It's just by that stand of trees over there, but be careful you don't tread in any ubangwele..."

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