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Date: 10/01/09

Police Violence: The Truth At Last?

I can't imagine that the Independent (sic) intended this the way it reads:

"An initially peaceful demonstration ended with a group of protesters facing mounted riot police throwing missiles and smashing windows on Kensington High Street near the Israeli Embassy."

Ee, those Met coppers, are they little tinkers or what?

(The original piece - from a Press Association hack - is currently here (in the Arts & Entertainment section for some reason - perhaps because it's a work of fiction?). It'll be interesting to see what happens to it)

Oh, and while we're on the subject, the exchange rate seems to have gone bonkers. That is, the ratio between the number of people the Met claim to be on a demonstration and the number of people who actually took part (see here (point 3) for some background). The Met say that there were 12 000 on today's protest. Eye-witnesses have said that there were no less than 80 000 and it was possibly higher still. So the current going rate appears to be at least 7 Reals to the Plod. The various friends of Zionist slaughter are holding a couple of Rallies For Israel tomorrow; it'll be interesting to see how many attend and how many the police claim attend.