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Date: 11/07/09

The Atheist's Creed

I'm way behind with this, because I've only just re-discovered the relevant file on my hard drive, and was also prompted by my posting of Tim Minchin's wonderful piece Storm here.

In response to yet another load of superstitionist warm piddle from Madeleine Bunting in the Guardian, the commenter going by the name of peteran posted this, which is as concise a statement of my position as I could hope to come across:

"I'm an atheist. I believe that I'm a product of evolution; a member of one species amongst many. I think that the Earth existed for billions of years before mankind, and that it'll carry right on going after we've become extinct. If I have a problem, I believe that it is I who must sort it out (though, if I'm lucky, I might have family and friends to help me). I expect, when I die, that my existence and awareness will end.

"My friend is a Christian. He believes that he was made in God's perfect image, and that he has dominion over the Earth's beasts. He reckons that the Earth was made quite recently, just for mankind's benefit. He thinks that the Supreme Being has an infinite love for him personally, and will intervene at his request to help him pass exams and scoop the lottery, and to make the cute kid on X-Factor win. He thinks that, when he dies, his existence will be much too precious to end, and so he'll live forever in eternal blissful happiness with the Supreme Being who loves him so.

"One of us is accused by Madeleine Bunting and Karen Armstrong of "egotism and arrogance". Guess which."

A - as it were - men!