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Date: 13/11/09

From The Office

First off, greetings to my old chum Dylan, bass-meister of Hecate Enthroned, who's in bloody agony with his back at the moment. Hope you'll soon be back in circulation, mate.

Secondly, we were in work this morning discussing this and that, and the conversation turned to the sons of the two women in the conversation who, at the age of eleven, were being introduced to the nitty-gritty of what in our day was called 'sex education'. The other male in the conversation was B.H., one of the office characters, who remarked that he'd never had sex education in school in his day (he's in his mid-fifties). "Not even rabbits", he said, adding mournfully:

"If only I'd dissected rabbits, I'd be much more successful with women."