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Date: 10/12/09

They're Here, They're There, They're Everywhere!

At something of a loose end this evening, so for the first time in many months I went for a Blogwanderung. This is the process by which I start at Joe Gordon's very spendid and worthwhile Woolamaloo Gazette (which is hosted by Blogger), then click the 'Next Blog' button and see what comes up.

Every single one of the next thirty or so blogs which came up featured various types of god-botherer; either small churches, various pastors, or those annoying (usually American) individuals who can't resist telling you about their 'personal relationship with Gahhd' (hint: if you love him so much, get a room and stop waving it in our faces). This is either an epic set of coincidences or there's a conspiracy afoot.

I sometimes wonder if the War On Delusion can ever be won.