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Date: 07/04/10

A Grave Error

Not being back in work until tomorrow and the weather being dry (albeit with a perishing north wind), I decided to walk over to St Paul's Churchyard in Pentre Broughton to see if I could find the grave of my maternal grandparents. I'd tried before, last August, but hadn't found it. This time I had more detailed instructions and got to it within a few minutes of going in.

I almost wish I hadn't now. After I'd taken a couple of photographs of the headstone (and what sort of primitive unease is it which causes me to wonder if it is quite the done thing to be taking pictures of a gravestone?), I looked at the stone one more time, and suddenly noticed something almost as disturbing. Can you spot it?

Picture of a gravestone with the word 'their' mis-spelled 'thier'

Oh, hell! And it's only been like that since 1983, hasn't it...?