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Date: 21/06/10

Off His Head

I have to admit that I could never see what was funny about a grown man going around all the time wearing a papier-mâché head and speaking in a high-pitched Mancunian accent, so the death of Frank Sidebottom's creator Chris Sievey underwhelms me a touch. But it does give me a pathetic excuse for an anecdote.

In the office about fifteen years ago, some of us were charged with the job of logging the receipt of tax returns. The temptation to look at some of them in more detail than was strictly necessary was difficult to combat, as it was a very tedious job.

One of my colleagues (you know who you are...Dylan) was perusing one return which showed that the taxpayer (as we were still allowed to call them in those days) had had a small amount of income through appearing on television. Dylan pointed this out, but instead of saying:

"Hey, look! This woman's appeared on the 'Frank Sidebottom Show'!"

he said:

"Hey, look! This woman's appeared on the 'Frank Bottom Sideshow'!"