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Date: 09/09/10

Paging Dr Freud...

I do worry about where my mind is taking me sometimes.

I went to search for something about external hard drives just now. I typed it in and hit 'Enter', only to find that nothing came up in my search engine of choice.

It was then that I saw that, instead of typing "external hard drive", I'd typed "exteranal hard drive".

It reminds me of a story I heard from the broadcaster and academic Laurie Taylor, who taught at a secondary school in London many years ago.

It was near the end of term, and the teachers were all sitting around in the staff room, trying desperately to come up with something original to put on the report cards they were all completing.

Suddenly from the French teacher sat at one of the tables came a cry of, "Good God Almighty! Look what I've just written about Salmon!". Salmon was, how you say, a 'pretty boy', and remarks to this effect had been made from time to time.

The French master went on, "I meant to write 'aurally erratic'...".

"...I've written 'eerily erotic'!"