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Date: 15/12/10


A colleague of mine has what we are now obliged to call 'a hearing deficit'. In other, older words, she's completely mutt in one ear.

She also has a son who's a science teacher.

Getting ready to come to work this morning, she was in the kitchen with all the associated background noise. Suddenly she heard the TV newsreader announce:

"A boat full of science teachers has sunk off the coast of Australia".

She had a moment's concern, but then remembered that her son was nowhere near Australia. Then she wondered why the BBC were suddenly taking such a prominent interest in the doings of her son's fellow professionals; after all, it's not as if the mass media show much concern for science teachers at any other time.

Grabbing the remote control, she put the text service on, to read the headline:

"A boat full of asylum seekers has sunk off the coast of Australia".