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Date: 12/02/12


I can't say I had any time for Whitney Houston, so her death gives me the chance to indulge in a soupçon of bad taste by recalling a great anecdote by the excellent Bill Bailey (as heard on his Part Troll DVD):

"Talking about tough gigs, I saw a very tough gig in New York.

"It was Whitney Houston, right, and she was doing this open-air gig in New York. It was in the winter, it was at minus eight degrees, in Lincoln Plaza. She was meant to be on at three. There was about three thousand people there.

"Ten past three, no sign of Whitney. Half past three, crowd getting a bit grumpy, a bit restless.

"Eventually, four o'clock, Whitney sashays onto the stage in a fur coat. She comes up to the microphone, she says, "I just wanna say I love every single one of you".

"And this huge black guy next to me says, "Sing, bitch!"."