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Date: 07/03/13

Total Eclipse Of The Ears?

News that Bonnie Tyler (Gaynor Hopkins as was) is to represent the dear old Royaume Uni at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö has caused me to react in two ways.

Firstly, the thought that she probably wouldn't even have to go to Sweden; she'd just need to stand atop that ridiculous ferris wheel in London and project.

Secondly, it brings back a memory from my Uni days. Having somehow managed to scramble my way back into Aber, I returned in the Autumn of 1983 to my old haunts in Pantycelyn, but in a first-floor room this time, rather than the goldfish bowl I'd inhabited in my first year.

The room above 163 (noted for being more or less right over the launderette, and so regularly visited by the delicate aromas of hot frothy water and student underwear) was occupied by someone who - despite the no doubt freer and easier attitudes of college - was still a zealous attender at one of the town's chapels every Sunday morning.

And so it was that, every Sunday morning at about 0930, Arwel 'Soch' Jones (for it was he) would be getting ready for his weekly worship. And always, but always to the accompaniment of the same song.

This one:

At substantial volume.

Remember, please, that this was at half past nine...

...every Sunday morning...

...in a University hall of residence.

I don't know about acts of worship, but Arwel came perilously close to having his own 'hosanna' (*) tied around his neck more than once.

(* Welsh for 'socks')