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Date: 04/06/13

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10 Out Of 10 - Come To Spelcheckia! (2003)

Day One of my trawl back through the archives to find the pieces of my remaining sanity...erm, sorry...I mean, the pieces which I think sum up between them the sort of things I've used this site to put over in the last ten years.

This first piece actually pre-dates the very existence of the site by two and a half years. Hell, it comes from about six months before I even had my own PC. It was therefore originally written long-hand, and was intended for (and, in due course, published in) No Limits, the staff magazine which we had in the office at the time (these were the days before we were required to become 'efficient', 'cost effective', 'customer focussed', and all the other Bollocksese which are shorthand for, "You expect to get amusement out of your working day? You'll keep your noses to the grindstone and like it, you scum!").

I suppose it represents two things: firstly, that I have a veering sense of humour; and secondly, that I can write humorous material when the inspiration takes me. It seldom does, however, which is why my upper-teenage ambition to write for Punch never got anywhere.

Click on the 10 out of 10 button at the top of this piece to visit the weird yet somehow strangely familiar land of Spelcheckia.