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Date: 12/06/13

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10 Out Of 10 - An Open Letter... (2012)

Sorry folks, it's Heavy Subject Time again.

My descent into clinical depression seemingly having been characterised by my latching on to some particularly nasty examples of judicial activism, I thought it was only right to include one of the pieces inspired (if that is indeed the word I'm looking for, which it probably isn't; or if it is, I suppose that's for others to judge) by this obsession.

Over a year on from the events referred to, I still regard it as an outrage that someone can be landed with a criminal conviction and a prison sentence for a drunken rant on Twitter. Furthermore, I viewed (and most definitely still view) the actions of Swansea University - in further crippling the future of Liam Stacey by doing everything short of actually having the balls to expel him outright to make his graduation a far more distant prospect than it ought to have been - as sufficient an obscenity and crime against the values which should be enshrined in a university to lead me to commit time and energy to what I knew would be a futile attempt to bring yet another power structure to its senses.

As I said; a gesture which was doomed. I've no idea whether Liam Stacey has managed to get within touching distance of the degree he had worked hard for; I sure as hell hope so, not just for his own sake (and by extension ours, so that we can have him living a productive life), but also as a riposte to self-regarding, arse-covering administrators keen to appease the worst sentiments of a terminally malinformed public.

Click on the 10 out of 10 button at the top of this piece to read my open letter to the Vice-Chancellor of Swansea Univerity and his inevitably brief response.