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Date: 24/12/14

Bang Out Of Order

The trouble with religion, of course, is that you only have to lose concentration for a moment for it to lead you into situations which vary from the bizarre to the absurd, calling at all stations inbetween.

Consider this: you have just given birth to a little boy, a birth made even more arduous by the fact that the infant had - as it were - an extra obstacle to face on his way out. You're just starting to recover from the efforts of labour, you've just got the baby settled for the night (including trying to stop a particularly dim, if determined, ox from eating his hair), and then...

...the door bursts open, and in comes some pious little brat who insists on playing his snare drum at the child.

A long time ago, in Bethlehem, a small boy was seen walking in immense discomfort away from the town's main hostelry, with what appeared for all the world to be two drumsticks poking horizontally out of the back of his britches...