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Date: 19/06/15

Dancing Around The Macabre In Charleston

Sometimes, one single event can bring so many things out into the open that it is scarcely possible to place them in any analytical order, although one must try if only in an attempt to communicate effectively.

So many aspects of American life (and, more significantly in this case, American death) have been thrown into sharp relief by the murders at Emanuel Church, Charleston, SC that all one can realistically do is list them in the hope that some pattern may be discernable. So here goes:

Here are one or two further points to consider, regarding the wider reaction to the slayings:

One last set of thoughts:

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* To avoid the obvious accusation of racial bias on my part, black parents have similar blind spots; for example, giving their daughters names beginning with 'La-' and then capitalising the second element. You know, like 'LaToya', 'LaShona' and shit like that. I haven't actually found a case of a girl called 'LaTreena' yet, but it's only a matter of time before all sense gets flushed down the pan.