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Date: 09/03/16

A Most Productive Life

Photo of George Martin

George Henry Martin
Record producer, composer, arranger
b. 3 January 1926, d. 8 March 2016

Ye Gods! We're really losing some big names aren't we?

Forget Mad Meek and Spooky Spector; this man was the most important producer in popular music history. What he did for - and with - The Beatles took music production forward a generation or more. But he'd had a grounding in the slightly off-beat prior to his association with them, as a producer of comedy records for Parlophone.

Like this little gem from Bernard Cribbins, for example:

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It wasn't just his production which took the lovable mop-topped scallies to the peak, though. There was his skill at arrangement, epitomised by his scoring of the string quartet backing on Eleanor Rigby:

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(I would have liked to have included his production on I Am The Walrus at this point, but the suits who own The Beatles' recordings have sedulously ensured that virtually none of it appears on YouTube).

Update: Ooh, look, here it is!

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And finally, as a composer and conductor, he made history in another way by composing and recording the music which first introduced the programmes of BBC Radio 1 in 1967:

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Thank you, sir; your legacy will live on.