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Date: 07/09/16

Caught Up

It must be the way my mind works.

When I saw the following headline on the BBC Wales News website today:

Headline saying 'Accident closes Zip World for two days'

I immediately had two thoughts: firstly, is there a theme park attraction for fans of fasteners in this country (something on the lines of The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota, as celebrated in song by the legendary 'Weird Al' Yankovic)?; and, secondly and more worryingly, what could have been the nature of the accident if there were? This latter consideration was made with my legs firmly crossed, of course.

Sadly, it turns out that it's the site of one of those weird leisure pursuits that certain foolhardy and pretentious people (such as Boris Johnson) indulge in, but - more happily - that the equipment failure caused 'non-life-threatening injuries' to the two members of staff caught up in it (although it could still have put a crimp in their Saturday nights for some time to come, I suppose).