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Date: 02/03/17

I'll Drink To That

Sitting here with a glass of my second-favourite tipple...

(The favourite being Bulmer's Original, which may lead the lads who empty my glass-recycling box to believe that the poor, raddled old sod who lives at this address subsists entirely on a diet of cider and pickled onions)

...I recall the tale of Walter Guinness, scion of the famous Anglo-Irish brewing family.

When he was given a peerage (no doubt for the right service offered in the right direction at the right time, as these things tended to go then every bit as much as now), he took the title 'Lord Moyne'.

Shortly afterwards, a couple of old buffers were sitting in the dining room of the House of Lords, and one of them asked his companion:

"Who's this 'Moyne' chappie who's just joined?"

And got the reply:

"Moyne's a Guinness."