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Date: 15/04/17

Diversity In Action?

I saw something in the pickle factory today which made me laugh out loud.

We have a couple of those electronic whiteboards now (that's what they spend money on in preference to providing a heating system that works properly), and today they announced that a new member of senior management was paying us a visit.

The visit had originally been scheduled for her predecessor who has now moved on. That's not what the message implied, however; at least, not to someone whose mind works in the way mine does (when it works at all).

Note: I do have a photograph of the actual message, but I can't post it here for obvious reasons. This (with the names changed) is what it said:

Notice reading: Lisa Rumbould, Acting Deputy Director (Previously Jim Parbould) Will be visiting on Thursday

I don't suppose that Lisa ( Jim) would mind everyone knowing about her re-assignment surgery...