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Date: 22/06/21

Good Question, Bubba!

Piece in the abubindependent today (and I note that since this and this they've put their letters page behind a paywall; must have been something I said) about how West Virginia is tackling its opioid crisis.

There was something odd about the picture they used to head the article, though. See if you see what I see:

Photo showing a wooden cross which appears to say, 'Is Our God Real'

Although the abu doesn't say so, could it be that the victims of addiction in The Mountain State who are being weaned off their dependency on drugs shamelessly peddled by the likes of the odious Sackler family are being encouraged to take up philosophical agnosticism?

Probably not; this is Appalachia we're talking about after all. But has no-one in that town ever queried the word order on that cross?