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Date: 16/08/03

The Hag Queen Of The Chattering Classes

She's been at it again.

I refer, of course, to Janet Street-Porter, that dental-chart-on-a-stick of whom English urban liberals seem to be so enamoured.

She has tried to lance the boil of her hatred of her (Welsh-speaking) mother before, and the tactic is always the same: a tirade of desparate insults against our nation and our people. Her latest (a wretched attempt to publicise her one-woman show at the Edinburgh Festival - another place where the liberal pretensions of the Independent-reading classes are cossetted beyond endurance) was true to form.

She whines on about how awful Cymru is, how dreadful its people, how backward its culture. Can she really say that the ingratiating, self-regarding metropolitan culture of which she herself is such a prominent (and loud) feature is superior? Especially as its snobbery, unmerited élitism and condescension towards other cultures (typified by the sort of faddism by which Malian kora music is 'in' one month, but awfully passé a couple of weeks later, darlings, having been replaced by Javan ethnic jewellery or some such) has rendered London a cultural joke-shop compared to cities such as Paris, Barcelona or München.

She says, in a radio interview, that when she goes to North Wales, the people there treat her as if she was an alien being.

Quite perceptive of us, I think.

For a riposte to one of her earlier rants, see this poem by the newly-chaired poet Twm Morys.

The line at the end of each verse translates as, "Said Janet Street-Porter, and no-one less".

The final couplet translates as:

"Laugh, Janet! Cry! Kill yourself!
It doesn't matter a f*ck to the people of Pen-Llŷn"