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Date: 24/11/03

Not Kicked Into Touch?

Late in 2002, the National Assembly of Wales resolved with all-party support to petition the English government to allow our national day (March 1st) to be a public holiday. Apparently, we have to go cap in hand and beg for such things from London because we're not deemed competent to decide such things for ourselves.

The then Colonial Stooge (or 'Secretary Of State' as he insisted on calling himself) Paul Murphy, treated the request of the elected representatives of our nation with total disdain. He wouldn't countenance it for a moment, he said, because it would mean "extra costs and disruption for business".

Now comes the news that, following England's rugby union World Cup win, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport in the English government, Tessa Jowell, may order a public holiday "in the players' honour" (see the Guardian report here).

Isn't it wonderful for us poor, backward colonial subjects that we are governed by people of such firm principles and such a solid grasp of priorities?