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Date: 23/05/04

Suited And (Jack)Booted

Sorry, folks, but it's politics again.

Yesterday I had the misfortune of my letterbox being dirtied by having a BNP election leaflet shoved through it.

I have it here in front of me - or, at least, I have the two pieces I immediately tore it into in front of me. Sadly, it's made of glossy paper, and as such would be rather uncomfortable to use for its most appropriate purpose.

It's predictable enough stuff, really. "Asylum Is Making Britain Explode" screams the headline (although they are clearly too dense to bother with an exclamation mark - there isn't one anywhere on the leaflet, but that is the only concession to restraint), over a picture of some people - swarthy-looking foreign types, natch - burning the so-called Union Flag. Unfortunately for our eager führers-to-be, the photograph was quite clearly taken somewhere in the Middle East where, not surprisingly, the "superior white races" are not viewed with a great degree of charity just at the moment.

Then it kicks into full rant mode. People seeking asylum from brutality or poverty here are, apparently, to blame for the rise in cases of TB and AIDS, while "pensioners...die waiting for hospital beds". The words "asylum seekers" (their quotation marks, not mine for once) are linked throughout the screed with words like "illegal", "flooding in", "bogus", "money...stolen from our schools, hospitals...".

Then these wretches start yapping on about how "asylum is ripping apart our countryside". To back this claim, the Shitlerjugend claim that the London government is planning "to build five giant new cities - each the size of Birmingham...to house over 5 million new immigrants". Funny how the Daily Mail, the Express and the other xenophobic shout-sheets which pass for the press in this country don't seem to have noticed that one - after all, much though it may be desired by some, it isn't possible to hide one Birmingham: to create five of them by stealth might be fraught with certain practical difficulties. "S. England is full up so Wales is next" warn the gruntleiters. So unlike their own dear leader, of course, who has settled down nicely on a homestead just outside of Welshpool, an area with which he has no historical connection, and has encouraged his followers to do the same. As a consequence, north Powys now probably has more fascists per square kilometre than anywhere outside of the Home Counties. I'm not sure what they intend doing there - inbreeding seems odds-on favourite at the moment, although most of them seem to have got quite a way down that road already - you can tell when they're around; you can hear the sound of knuckles scraping the ground from two streets away.

And there, on the reverse (or, if you prefer, arse-side) of this joyful little document, is the Chief Arse himself, the Griffinführer, in a head-and-shoulders shot which makes him look like a bank manager who can't.

Don't be fooled by the smart suits and the caring expression, by the way. Behind him still stand the bovver-booted, criminally violent no-marks of yesteryear.

Once again the word "immigrant" is placed in close proximity to the words "illegal", "criminals" and - of course - "terrorists". The twisted processes of the race-hating mind see all immigrants as "illegal", all those seeking refuge as "bogus" and because some Muslims blow things up, all Muslims must be considered terminally suspect.

(I sometimes wonder what the reaction of the Bigoted Nutters' Party and its tacit supporters in UKIP (q.v.) and the scum press would be if all the white Zimbabweans suddenly turned up at Dover demanding admittance. Would it still be a case of "Go back! We haven't got any room! We haven't got any money! Go back! You were perfectly safe where you were!"? Or would there suddenly be a cry of "Come on in! You're our kith and kin!", even though most of them have no direct connection with this country since before World War II?)

Anyway, onward rants the Übertosser: apparently, "our own people" would have preference in schooling, jobs and housing. Given that there would not be enough of any of these things to go around anyway, we may safely guess what would happen to the educational, employment and housing prospects of those deemed not to be "our own people": in the fantasy world of these inadequates, those deemed not to be 'our own people' would first be confined to shanty towns on the edges of our cities, subjected to 'pass laws' which would prevent them from moving out of them, and would be expected to bow down to Massa. You know, just like the good old days of Apartheid, or even what the Sharon regime is doing to the Palestinians.

(It is interesting to note here that the Nutters have suddenly developed a passionate support for the Palestinian cause which is quite ironic when viewed in conjunction with the Arabophobia routinely displayed in the rest of their policies. It couldn't have anything to do with antagonism towards...(cough)...the Jews, of course...).

On he goes again. His mob would enact what he calls the 'Tony Martin law', which would enable people to kill a burglar with impunity.

(Note to non-UK viewers : Tony Martin is a Norfolk farmer who, when two youths tried to burgle his house, shot dead an unarmed 16-year-old in the back. His murder conviction was reduced to manslaughter, and he was released after serving scarcely half his sentence. Much of this was as the result of his being given acres of free publicity in the right-wing press, which portrayed this psychologically-unbalanced convicted killer as being somehow a hero for our times. Tony Martin is not, of course, 'pigmentally challenged').

I wonder what these Phuckwit Phalangists would do about, say, an Asian shopkeeper who killed while trying to defend his property against a mob of braying boot-boys steamed up on cheap lager and the BNP's rhetoric? Probably have him hanged, I suppose. Or 'repatriated'. Or, since intelligence seems to take a back seat to colonic thinking in their world, hanged and then repatriated.

Nicky-poos concludes by reciting the same old claim about how politicians and the meeja have "bent over backwards to...undermine Britain's culture". Yeah, sure. I don't see much of it myself, and I read The Guardian. "It's time to re-assert British culture and...values", he snarls.

Now, I wonder what sort of culture and values these might be, dear boy? The ones which raped half the world and left unsustainable borders drawn as straight lines on maps, which took no account of the actual cultural and ethnic boundaries in those areas (Iraq, most of Africa)? The 'values' which have cut us off from our natural partnerships with Europe, insisting instead on the 'Special Relationship' with the US which has always been the relationship between a pimp and a prostitute (and seldom more so than now)? The 'values' of "know your place, you little oik"? The 'culture' of the nightly puke-a-thon in our town and city centres, as the under-25s of both sexes engage in their regular line-dance of nihilism and violence?

I live in a village which had its main source of employment destroyed over a decade ago, and that wasn't done by immigrants. There has been nothing for us since that time, and that's not the fault of "bogus asylum seekers" either. There are drug-pushers in this place now, and they're not foreigners.

This has all been done (and continues to be done) by white people. Yes, that's right: white, Aryan, 'British' people, of the sort these arseholes claim are the sole true hope of this country.

At the end, Griffin says, "Britain is our country. People can love it or leave it".

People, if you do love it, then you mustn't leave it (or control of any part thereof) in the hands of a bunch of hopeless, hateful, Führerprinzip-worshipping inadequates who still fantasise in such infantile ways of their master race. The best way of ensuring that these criminals (for such they are: they have the courage of their convictions only because so many of them have convictions, usually for violent and racist crimes) have to slink off into their deserved obscurity is to not give them the satisfaction of an increased percentage of the vote in the forthcoming local and European elections.

There may not be any other party you might particularly wish to vote for; but it is crucial that you use your right (while you still have it) to vote against the possibility of our society being torn apart by the pathetic, adolescent wet dreams of racists.