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Date: 11/04/05

"Don't Give Them Hope, Give Them Religion"

I have a worrying update from my earlier piece on the decision of the UK Government to remove all funding from The Woodcraft Folk.

It seems that they've found an alternative use for the money they denied Woodcraft - and quite a sum in excess of that.

The same quango which made the decision to screw Woodcraft (on clearly political grounds, because of its anti-war campaigns) has, it seems, decided to hand out over £1.3 million to a number of Christian evangelical groups to "work with young people".

So who are we talking about? Well, how about Youth For Christ, an organisation whose mission statement includes the wretched failure of so-called 'abstinence-based' programmes and phrases like "taking good news relevantly to every young person in Britain" (£235 000)? Or the Message Trust, whose stated aim is "to give every young person in the Greater Manchester region repeated and relevant opportunities to accept Jesus" (£168 000)?

(To get some perspective here, Woodcraft's annual grant was about £17 000)

Many of these groups are associated with the Evangelical Alliance, a group of fundamentalists with a strong influence on the proto-war-criminal Blair.

As they say in the US (where this sort of skewing of public funding has long been the norm), go figure...