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Date: 06/12/05


I've had a reply from Sainsbury's. It contains the following paragraph:

"Our entertainment range is particularly important at Christmas and we take many factors into consideration when deciding which titles to stock. Ultimately, the most important factor is what our customers want. In response to some to some of the feedback we have received, we have decided not to sell the Jerry Springer DVD's this Christmas."

I can't say that I'm impressed by this. Apart from the mental-fundyists, has any of the feedback shown that people really did not want this DVD on Sainsbury's shelves? Does Sainsbury's only listen to that 'some' of the feedback they think will lead to bible-spouting pickets outside their stores if they don't cave in to it?

Sorry, Sainsbury's, this just won't do. Trouble is, I'm a bit stymied for supermarkets now. Of the ones in our area, Tesco is throttling smaller outlets in town centres through its acquisitions policy; Asda are owned by the despicable WalMart, and the likes of Kwik Save, Lidl & Aldi are far too common, m'dears. And the nearest Co-op supermarket is probably about fifteen miles away.

Ah, decisions, decisions! Isn't ethical consumerism wonderful? An arrow to click on to take you to a follow-up item