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Date: 23/05/06

"English Justice Is The Finest In The World, And Britain Is The Home Of Democracy": Discuss

Study these two pictures:

Picture of Tony BlairPicture of Brian Haw

The man on the left (on this page, if nowhere else):

The man on the right:

Bearing this in mind, please answer this quick question:

Which of these two men:

Congratulations if you answered "the man on the right".

His name is Brian Haw, and he's a carpenter from the English midlands.

Since early June 2001, he has maintained a one-man vigil outside the Palace Of Westminster in protest at the complicity of the U.K. in the American corporate government's continued assaults against Iraq and other countries. He has highlighted the illegal use of Depleted Uranium (DU) and chemical weapons against unarmed people (in this war and the so-called 'Gulf War' of 1991), and the appalling effects of those weapons on the health of ordinary people with no means of defending themselves, and no way even of getting the medical treatment they desperately need.

As a result of his protests (and the resulting awkward questions asked by an increasing proportion of the population), the government (led by the man on the left) passed the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) which, amongst other things, criminalised any form of protest within an 'exclusion zone' of at least one kilometre of the Houses of Parliament without six weeks prior approval by the Metropolitan Police (the people who brought you, "Oops! We Shot A Brazilian Electrician Seven Times In The Head Because We Thought He Was An Arab Terrorist"). The size of the exclusion zone can be expanded unilaterally by the State at any time and with no reasons necessary.

The Act is also being used against people peacefully protesting elsewhere: two ladies of mature years face up to two years in prison if convicted of the heinous terrorist offence of walking unarmed onto the land surrounding a U.S. surveillance centre in Yorkshire, to give just one example amongst an ever-increasing number.

The man on the left is, of course, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair QC MP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

He remains at large, free to do much as he pleases, be it imposing a total surveillance system upon every citizen, sending refugees back to murderous régimes, or simply recategorising everyone who disagrees with him as a 'terrorist'.

That he remains at liberty (and surely that word doesn't come into contact with Mr Blair all that often nowadays, unless in the company of the word 'remove') is due in no small measure to the weakness of our democractic process, and the invertebrate nature of those set to rule over us. In any fully-functioning liberal democracy, Mr Blair would have been impeached for what the Americans call 'high crimes and misdemeanours'. Here, he can remain unmolested until he leaves office at a time of his own choosing, whereupon he can make millions on the U.S. lecture circuit, and remain untouchable by any arm of what might be called 'justice'. This largely due to the cowardice of that 'Mother of Parliaments' we've been propagandised to believe we enjoyed (although a couple of extra syllables on the first word of that epithet seems increasingly in order).

Given all this, perhaps you now know what is really wrong with this country.