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Date: 07/07/06

Something Good

In terms of its tone, this certainly doesn't belong here, but it's a follow-up to Rants on 08/06/06 and 20/06/06, so I should be consistent.

Over a month after he had his door smashed down and he was hauled off to a maximum-security prison by the Home Office's thugs, Sakchai Makao today won his appeal against deportation. The hearing followed a month of concerted action by the people of Shetland against the state's clear abuse of power, and a campaign which has been supported not only throughout those isles, but also in the rest of Scotland and beyond.

This isn't quite the end, however: it's still perfectly possible that Home Secretary John Reid (who, like his equally-lamentable predecessors, never seems to find a hole deep enough to persuade him to stop digging) will appeal. However, given the fact that his party has taken an enormous kicking over this, and that there are elections to the Scottish Parliament coming up next Spring, he might use what little political nous he has and admit defeat (although he will never do so gracefully, you may be sure of that).

So, Sakchai Makao has been saved from injustice. Now, let us turn to other such outrages against justice by this regime, such as the case of Ernesto Leal, a refugee from Pinochet's murderous regime, who faces the same fate.