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Date: 11/09/06

Don't Teach Them To Think For Themselves!

Some of you may have been aware that the colonial Governor-General of Airstrip One (or 'Prime Minister', as some insist, archaically, on calling him) and future International Criminal Court defendant Tony Blair didn't announce his resignation last Thursday.

He didn't announce his resignation at a school in north London which he and his followers are lining up to be handed over to another group of friendly businessmen or religious loonies.

Unfortunately for the B-Liar, news of his visit to the school leaked out beforehand, and there was a protest organised by anti-war groups (including that formed by the students) outside the school.

For what happened next, read Lenin's report here. Please read it before going on to the next bit of this Rant, otherwise it may not make sense.

The matter doesn't end there, however. The member of staff who let the public know that Blair was coming has now been suspended, and the student body in its entirety has been subjected to a tirade of intimidatory hectoring by the headteacher. This is a woman called Jo Shuter who, with the chutzpah, effrontery and total lack of irony-consciousness of the True Believer, also issued the following statement.

(My comments are in [square brackets])

"I can assure you that this behaviour was not supported by anyone at the school [Except the hundred or so students and staff members who took part in it]. Indeed we were horrified that our children had been exploited and abused by a political organisation [Nasty thing to say about the Labour Party, but there you go...], members of which had been outside the school gates since 8am. Somehow details of the visit, though confidential [which is why the media had no idea that it was taking place, of course: that's why they didn't turn up...], had been leaked through a website and a picket and demonstration had been organised without our knowledge or consent [since when has one needed to get a headteacher's permission to protest outside the school grounds?].

"The school had not been closed specifically for the visit [It was surely just a conincidence that nearly all the students were ordered to go home, and all who were permitted to remain were a few 'safe' ones who could be relied upon to do as they were told]. We had a planned half day induction for students followed by staff training in the afternoon. Organisationally this had been in the school calendar since before the summer break.

"Our students were put in serious danger physically and emotionally by the outrageous actions of these political 'rabble rousers' [I know our police can be a bit biased, but this is really unkind], who had no concern for them as young people but simply used them as pawns for their own political ends ["not that I can be accused of doing anything of the sort, oh dear me, no"].

"I have today held a staff meeting ["it will take a few gallons of eau-de-nil emulsion to cover up the bloodstains on the walls"] and will be holding a whole school assembly later to explain to the students how the actions of 50 out of 1500 have been perceived and how it clearly reflects so poorly on the school ["what I lack in moral authority, I will make up for by the coercive force of sheer numbers"].

"We pride ourselves on being one of the most improved schools in the UK. Our students are always our pride and joy ["except when they express views contrary to mine"]. It is completely out of character for them to behave in such an unruly, rude and disrespectful manner ["How dare they think and act for themselves! How can we maintain our reputation for churning out commerce-fodder consumer units like this?"]. However the role played by these activists was cleverly orchestrated and the children were merely fodder for a political campaign ["I'm expecting my Damehood in the Non-Resignation Honours List"].

"I personally remain a big supporter of Tony Blair whose policies I value and who I personally feel is a man of integrity and honesty [see previous aside. And this is not remotely political. No, really].

"Many thanks for taking the time to contact me. I hope that this will help to set the record straight."

Oh, it most certainly does, Ms. Shuter, I can assure you. It shows you to be yet another of the dangerous ideological hacks who have been allowed to take over the running of our public services, and turning them into factories of blind, bland, consumer conformity. Your reward will surely come.