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Date: 19/09/06

Stamp It Out!

I think I've remarked before that monarchism seems to unhinge some people.

I was in Sainsbury's this morning, and saw that one of the tabloid rags (I think it was the Daily Mail) had as its lead story the news that the Post Office was now selling postage online, providing a print-it-out-yourself bar code to stick on your correspondence.

How did the Mule treat this? As a big step forward in providing customers with the service they need quickly and efficiently? As an example of how great British enterprise and know-how was in the forefront of technology?


"The Queen's head removed from postage stamps!", squealed the Mewl. "There are legitimate questions as to whether the name 'Royal Mail' can be maintained...", it trembled.

Two rent-a-quote Tory MPs are also featured in the story. Andrew Rosindell MP quacked, "I am personally outraged over this!". Nigel Evans, the Swansea newsagent who, recognising the futility of his politics in his own country, piddled off to a safe seat in Lancashire, whined thusly: "The people at the top of the Royal Mail have shown scant regard for tradition and the fact people like stamps to have the monarch's head on them.".

I've got news for you, Evans mun: people don't give a flying one whose head is or isn't on the stamps so long as their mail gets to where it's supposed to go in the proper time.

I speak as one who only uses the self-adhesive stamps, so as to remove the slight feeling that I have to lick Frau von Battenburg's arse every time I want to post a letter. I also stick the stamp on upside down, this being one of the few forms of republican activity which seems to be possible even today. I'm told this latter act is unlawful, but I'm still waiting for John Reid's Pre-Crime Squad to smash my door down (I almost wish they would: that way I might finally get a new front door from our beloved Council).

And all this was on the front page of a major newspaper. We have a government which has lied us into two illegal wars and is now limbering up for a third, our fundamental liberties are being curtailed by the day, and multinational corporations are funding lobby groups claiming that global warming doesn't exist (and, even if it does, it's the best thing that could possibly happen to the planet) (see this article for details). Nevertheless, the rags lead with an imagined slight to the Queen Of The Scroungers.

It's scarcely any wonder that the public's ignorance and awareness of reality is now nearing Kansas proportions.