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Date: 16/03/07

Spreading It

Having spent a couple of frustrating hours straightening out some code for the Big Site Revamp (which I hope to have in place by mid-June), I thought I'd unwind by a little Blogwanderung. That's the process whereby I start at Joe Gordon's Woolamaloo Gazette, clicking on the 'Next Blog' button at the top, and seeing where I get to.

There's not always much entertainment to be had from this: a lot of blogs in Portuguese, for some reason; whiney, self-obsessed teenage girls from all over; sites where music loads with the page and which you can't switch off, and being regularly redirected to a site trying to sell medications of various desperate kinds.

And then there are those blogs you hit upon and think, "Oh, these look like nice, normal people", and then you read on. Tonight's discovery was of a married couple from somewhere in middle America who say they love their family, their friends, etc., and then go on to say that they're learning the language of some obscure Central American tribe so that they can go to their homeland, learn about their culture, and then..."...bring them the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ in their own language for the very first time."

Look, bible-belters! These people you're going to bring the benefits of guilt, sin and rampant bigotry to are probably getting on with their lives quite nicely, thank you. The last thing that would be of any use to them would be to have a Stepford Couple coming along and fucking with their minds! If past experience is any guide, although they may live in equilibrium with their surroundings now, within a generation they would have completely defoliated their environment in order to build wooden churches with fifty-foot spires on "to the grader glory of Gahd", and worshipping a plasic figurine of Bayubby Jeeeezuz you bought from the Wal-Mart branch in downtown Buttf*ck, Kansas. And then, of course, your bodily assumption to heaven would be ensured, wouldn't it?

Why can't these people leave well alone? Evangelists should be stripped naked, smeared in Golden Syrup, and then staked out over an anthill. For a first offence, of course.

As Stephen Fry has said:

"Ah! Religion!......Shit on it!"