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Date: 20/07/07

Spanish Practices, or F**k Their Royals, Too!

Another censorship thing happening, folks.

The Spanish satirical magazine El Jueves responded to a recent Spanish government campaign which would mean that Spanish couples would be paid €2 500 for each child they produce, with a front-page cartoon showing Crown Prince Felipe fucking his wife, while saying that sex was the closest he would ever come to working.

The Castilian State, which still retains many of the attitudes of the bloody forty-year dictatorship of Franco, has now ordered the seizure of all copies of the magazine, claiming that it "...insults the royal family".

The judge who granted the order, Juan del Olmo, is a noted supporter of the Castilian State's repressive attitudes, particularly when it comes to suppressing the freedom of the Basques to advocate their national autonomy, however peaceably. Many Basque activists have found themselves in Spanish prisons for long periods of time (and facing serious maltreatment) as a result of the biased decisions of del Olmo and his colleagues. So perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that del Olmo regards freedom of speech as something which should only apply when it agrees with his prejudices.

In a small attempt to prevent this act of censorship from succeeding, I here reproduce the 'offending' cartoon.

Cartoon of the Crown Prince of Spain having sex with his wife

Luchen, amigos, por la libertad de expresión!