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Date: 24/09/07

What's Black And White And Yellow Right Through?

Answer: the UK press.

One might have hoped that, even in these degenerate times, the threat to freedom of speech engendered by the likes of crooked Uzbek businessmen and their overpaid briefs would have the Great British Newspaper thundering about the importance of the Freedom Of The Press™ and how attempts to curtail it should be fought against with all the weaponry that a free society has at its disposal.

So it was that I spent a fair few minutes over the weekend scouring the websites of our most famous (and notorious) newspapers for their reaction to Usmanov's war on the truth.

Only to find...well, nothing, really. The massed ranks of Fleet Street's finest were almost totally mute. The BBC and ITN didn't mention it at all; nor did the Express, the Telegraph, the Independent (sic), the Mirror or even the Sun. The Guardian and the Times referred to it only in tangential terms, treating it simply as if the worst thing Schillings had done was to inconvenience Boris Johnson. The Mail had only an archived story from earlier this month which at least had the virtue of talking about Usmanov's original threat to Craig Murray.

Quite remarkable. A story of this nature almost totally ignored by every news media outlet in the country. It may be as I said in my previous post, that Usmanov and his shysters have put the frighteners on them all, but surely one of them might have broken ranks to tell the bastard "We publish; you be damned!"? But no, the streak of cowardice clearly runs right through them.

The next time you hear newspaper hacks or editors trumpeting about the importance of The Freedom Of The Press™ when they've been brought to book about their coverage of smackhead popsters or lamp-post supermodels, ask them where they were this last weekend. If possible, get the exact location of the rock they were hiding under.  An arrow to click on to take you to a follow-up item