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Date: 13/10/07

Fighting Back

I'm pleased to report that Craig Murray is back (at a slightly different location) and already kicking some righteous buttock.

In particular, take a look at this, his Address at his Installation as Rector of the University of Dundee. In it, he shares his views as to what universities should really be about, rather than what they have become in the last twenty years - a means of turning out suitable drones for 'commerce'. Indeed, his views could also apply to the whole of our education system, which has become geared almost solely to turning out 'product' for corporate interests and the politicians and administrators down whose Y-fronts those same corporations have their hot, sticky hands, ready to twist should those decision-makers ever consider pursuing any genuinely progressive policies.

It is no doubt for this reason (along with the fact that Murray had some caustic things to say about the people who have been running Dundee in recent times) that the University has refused to publish the text of his speech because they "do not agree with it". In this way, they have merely reinforced Murray's point.