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Date: 09/01/08


I can scarcely find words for this:

Cancer patient loses visa battle

"A Ghanaian woman who came to the UK five years ago and became a student is being flown back to the African country, despite being terminally ill."

That's right: a woman dying of cancer is forcibly deported to a third-world country where the health-care system is totally private. Because she doesn't have the right paperwork.

"Ms Sumani was tearful but calm when she left hospital in a wheelchair with five immigration officials, one carrying her suitcase, and she was driven away."

Yep. This woman is such a threat to the well-being of the good old UK that it takes five immigration officials to remove her (presumably they were there to make sure she didn't try to take the wheelchair with her at Heathrow).

"A spokesman for the Border and Immigration agency said said it would not remove from the UK anyone who they believe is at risk on their return."

Presumably imminent death isn't deemed a 'risk' by these fuckers.

""Removals are always carried out in the most sensitive way possible, treating those being removed with courtesy and dignity.""

It is at this point, my dear friends, that words actually fail me. This is like a crane with a wrecking ball trying to pass itself off as The Sugar Plum Fairy. One would laugh if one were not already weeping with rage.

"The Home Office said it examined each case "with care"."

Of course it does.

"Right, gentlemen, let's examine this case with care, shall we? Is she poor?"


"Is she a drain on our much-put-upon Health Service (whom PFI preserve)?"


"And finally, gentlemen, is she...you know...not white?"

"Check, chief. And she doesn't come from a country full of rich businessmen who want to come here to buy up our businesses and politicians."

"Well, I think we've examined this case with care, don't you? Huggins, go and fetch the van. Muxloe, phone the media to tip them off, will you?"

And this what we've come to. A woman who is dying is thrown out of the country because of administrative officiousness. No sense of decency, no twinge of simple, common humanity can be entertained, especially if it might risk the wrath of that pack of slavering shit-hounds which calls itself 'The Press'.

It beats me why anyone should want to come to a country ruled by grandstanding thugs and with a population so dumbed down and sedated that all it needs is a 'nasty, spongeing foreigners' story to get them lighting torches and scrabbling around for the nearest pitchfork.

Shame upon those of us who meekly tolerate this.  An arrow to click on to take you to a follow-up item