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Date: 03/03/09

Red NO Day

I'm aware before I even start that this is not going to go down well in many quarters. But bite me bum and call me Freda and see if I care.

I'll be brief. Friday 13 March is Comic Relief day.

This year, I will not be supporting it in any way, shape or form.

If the spineless cowards at the BBC refuse to screen a film appeal for the victims of Israel's murderous attack on Gaza, then I have no intention of contributing to a programme of events which will enable said pusillanimous putzes to bask in the glory of how wonderfully humanitarian they're all being.

It is just remotely possible that you feel the same. If so, please click on the image below, which will take you to the Disasters Emergency Committee's Gaza Appeal page, and donate to something which is untainted by association with what used to be a great broadcasting organisation, and the posturing third-rate celebs who work for it.

Badge saying 'Red NO Day'