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Date: 08/03/09

Suffer The Children

A man sexually abuses his step-daughter from the age of six.

When she is nine years old, he gets her pregnant with twins.

He tries to scarper off, but is caught and placed in 'protective custody'.

The local Catholic archbishop is silent.

The child's mother, on being told that there is no way in which her daughter is capable of safely carrying one foetus let alone two, consents for the child to have an abortion.

The local Catholic archbishop is outraged. So much so that he excommunicates the child's mother and the doctors who carried out the termination, stating that - whatever the man may have done - the termination was "more serious". The sick pervert who repeatedly raped his step-daughter and - so it is claimed - her fourteen-year-old physically-handicapped sister will not be excluded from the sacraments.

However, with that depth of Christian spirit for which his church is rightly renowned, the archbishop said that the child would not herself be excluded from the church. Whether she would wish to attend a club which would willingly have her brute of a step-father as a member is another matter of course.

One of the senior managers for Pope Hitlerjugend I - the Vatican's answer to Kurt Waldheim in that he too claims that his time in the service of the Nazis was no more than the equivalent of being a point on a line, in that he had position but no magnitude - backed up the local cleric, saying that "Life must always be protected..." But not, it seems the innocence of a child subjected to the warped sexual drives of a no doubt devout believer.

(Full story here, and a tip of the wig to the estimable Mike Power for the link).

Add to this the story that the Brown régime in London is desperately trying to parachute Cormac Murphy-O'Connor - Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster and a man who has shielded some pervos in his time - into the unelected portion of our legislature, there no doubt to pontificate on the importance of Christian morality in the framing of legislation affecting the sexual mores of others and the evils of contraception, and the fact that these ethically-retarded bastards are allowed - nay encouraged - to run schools up and down the land with our money, leaves only one thing which can possibly be said:

John 11:35!