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Date: 13/07/09

It's Only Numbers

Here's today's entry for the much-coveted Deliberately Misleading Headline Of The Year award. It's from the fake liberals at The Guardian:

"Public support for war in Afghanistan is firm - survey"

However, what's this we see in paragraph four?

"Opposition to the war, at 47%, is just ahead of support, at 46%."

So, yermeantersay, the public don't actually support the war? Then why does the headline suggest the exact opposite?

Perhaps this 'survey' - conducted on behalf of that obsequious New Labour rag and a terminally-cowed BBC - was conducted under the ever-so-fair-and-not-distorting-at-all First Past The Post System. It would certainly explain why reality is so lamentably out of tune with what our warmongering régime knows with all its cankerous heart to be 'right'.