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Date: 07/01/10

Lest We Forget

Jean Charles de Menezes would have been 32 today.

Instead, his family and friends have been attending the unveiling of a mural mosaic by Mary Edwards to commemorate his murder at the hands of the police at Stockwell underground station in July 2005.

Photo of the memorial mural at Stockwell tube station for Jean Charles de Menezes

(Photograph by Louise Whittle, aka HarpyMarx)

Just a reminder: no prosecution has ever been brought against the officer who shot him seven or eight times at point-blank range in front of a carriage-full of witnesses, and the thuggish incompetent who was supposedly in charge of the operation, the unfortunately-named Cressida Dick, was not only promoted afterwards but - in one of those sick jokes that the established order like to perpetrate on the human conscience - was last week awarded the Queen's Police Medal (QPM) for 'distinguished service'.

Perhaps 'QPM' might better stand for 'Questionable Policing Methods'. Or even, 'Quota of Police Murders'.