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Date: 06/09/10

"Whereof We May Not Speak, Thereof We Must Remain Silent"

Thus spake Ludwig Wittgenstein. Context notwithstanding, he could have spake it about my situation at the moment.

I wouldn't want anyone to think that the fact that all of the updates on this site in the last three weeks have been in the Raves section is indicative of my life being on the up at the moment. Because it isn't, particularly.

The problem is that much of what is causing me grief at the moment - creating stress and a mild-to-moderate depression, both of which I could easily manage without - is to do with work.

Or rather, it is to do with the attitude to be found prominently amongst that sub-species known as homo non habilis cretinosa or, to give it its more common name, 'management'.

The Depratment is now run from top to bottom by people to whom such things as courtesy, humanity and even legality itself are merely terms to be found in a dictionary (although they would probably have difficulty finding anything in a dictionary, being no doubt bamboozled by the absence of an index).

So it is that I find myself in a situation whereby everything I tell management about myself and my circumstances is automatically and immediately challenged as if it were a lie; whereby I am made to feel as if I am to blame for things which are beyond my responsibility or power to control; and where even my basic legal rights are being casually disregarded. And each layer of management backs up the layer immediately below it, preventing any satisfactory solution without resorting to a lot of hard work.

And the trouble is that I can tell you nothing specific about all this. This is partly down to strategic considerations, in that I don't want to pre-empt actions which I may be forced to take shortly to rectify matters; but it's also down to my certain knowledge that some of the sub-species referred to above know about this site's existence, and wouldn't hesitate to use any identifiable references here in order to bring further intimidatory actions against me.

There may (I hope) come a point in the not-too-distant future when I can reveal a lot more about all this. In the meantime, I'm just going to have to take Ludwig's advice.