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Date: 05/12/10

Let's Hear It For The 'New Poor'!

There are times when the words 'brazen' and 'effrontery' seem hopelessly inadequate.

That's the thought which occurred to me when I read this.

Read it. And weep.

Weep with the thought that, not only are there people in this land who quite clearly have the same sense of self-awareness which was once found in the French monarchy shortly before it was 'rationalised' in the proper manner, but that they have been allowed to breed as well; and - worse still - pass on their ludicrous sense of self-entitlement to their offspring.

I had thought of going through the whole wretched screed paragraph by paragraph, pointing out the madness of this appalling woman (who, it seems, has what the cops call 'form' on the subject, although I can't bring myself to read the earlier piece she refers to), but I would only have been pointing out what is blindingly obvious to ninety-nine per cent of you; namely, that this inane bint (and her husband, whose income is not stated in the piece, although this would be salient to the matter in hand) indulged in property speculation, got her fingers burned when the bubble deflated slightly, and is now having to make do with less than before, which is still an awful lot more than most of us.

Reading it reminded me of that tale of the little rich girl who was asked at school to write a story about a poor family. It began:

"There was once a poor family.

"Everyone was poor. Mummy and Daddy were poor. The children were poor. The cook was poor. The gardener was poor. The butler was poor..."

This is a rare moment in which I can indulge in those clichés usually thrown at those of us in the public sector when we say we want to protect what little we currently have. So, dear Charlotte, might I invite you to:

"Get real!"

"Wake up and smell the coffee!"

"Welcome to the real world!"

The only thing which is slightly encouraging is the ginormous kicking the hackette is getting in the comments appended to this waste of electrons. From readers of the Daily Mail!